Main Street, Johannesburg, SA

+27 (79) 758-1446


Now, Better Known By His Stage Name, LUIGI Is A Hip-Hop Artist, Aged 18 & Based In Johannesburg, SA Heading Up His Very Own Company Called DROPHEAT Studios Which Is A Mother Entity Of Music & Fashion Divisions That Envision, Innovate & Create Anything Related To His Vision & Ultimate Mission – Influencing The Hip Hop Culture. 

He Started Seriously Making Music Back In 2014 & Released His First Mixtape In 2016, Which Was A 6 Track Tape Remixing Some Of The Best Songs In The Industry.

“The Black Boy Mixtape Was Basically A Point I Had To Prove And Raising That Bar Of Rapping On Legendary Beats Was A Take I Had On Myself, My Realization Of Being My Own Competition. It Was A Good Tape And I’m Not The One Who Said That, But I Recently Had To Take It Off Due To Wanting To Make Way For My Official “Homemade” Material, Something More Me, More Intimate For The Fans, Something To Founder The Growth Months & Years Down The Line”

LUIGI’s Music Could Be Described As Authentic Or As He Likes To Say “Commercial Consciousness”, He’s Ability To Infuse Intense Lyricism On Commercial Instrumentals Is Something Very Special About Him That’s Recognized By Respected Names In The Game.

"My Whole Life Revolves Around Music To Such An Extent That It Has Become A Calling I Couldn’t Ignore. I’ve Always Been Trynna Become Who My Mind Says I Am, And That Statement Has Become My Subject Matter, Allowing Me To Open Myself Up To A Lot Of Aspects Musically. I Think Making That Decision Has Set Me Up For Some Really Great Music Production. I’d Say I’m Influenced By Many Great Artists And Since Listening To Them At A Very Young Age. I Feel I Have Become A Product Of Each One Of Them, A Mixture Of Every One Of Them, With That Being Said It Has Always Made It Hard For Me To Be Myself ‘Til I Reached A Point Of Balance & Telling Myself That I Know How They Operate, So I’ll Then Channel That Positively”

LUIGI’s Always Know That His Love For Music Wasn’t Just For The Love Of It, There’s Always Been A Deeper Meaning And Later Realizing That It’s Not A Calling He Could’ve Ignored Because Doing Anything Else Besides Music Makes Him Feel Inferior To Extreme Levels And With Such A Strong Feeling Like That, It’s Only Right To Just Push Passion.

LUIGI Has Also Worked With Multiple, Like Minded & Talented Big Names Like The Factory SA, Kid Platto, BPM Extended Play, R.A.S & Young Taylor, Just To Name A Few. We’ll Start Noticing His Features Soon. 

With 4 Undisputedly FIRE Singles Available On All Major Streaming & Download Platforms And That Not Even Being As Close To The Beginning He Has In Mind, It’s Only Justice That We Are To Expect A Lot From The Young & Ready Song-Writer, Rapper, Performer & Just An Established Proof Of Talent. 

“EP’s, Music Videos, Collaborations, And Anything Else I Can Do Musically Is Definitely What You Can Expect From Me. I’m Undoubtedly Coming In Strong With Everything.”

 When Everything Is Said And Done, The “Trynna Become Who My Mind Says I Already Am” Statement Will Then Stand Out Including His Journey Towards Beginning On Following Up On His End.