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About Us

OBZtainment; the idea came after Obakeng N. struggled to find himself a record deal back in his primetime. He realized how much of great talent South Africa has and how hard it is for the gifted to expose their gifts to the world. 

Our mission is to create one hub of entertainment where everyone will meet and know other artists’ quality of work. We endeavor to form a movement and channel that accommodates good quality entertainment. Entertainment that is on top of the pyramid, that could be branded as ”never been seen before” and has a sense of excitement towards everyone. We are dedicated to promoting artist’s work and working towards turning OBZ into a future mobile television channel.

The vision is to take and drive content that has not been valued to be well recognized and build a structure that will make other artists well known. We endeavor to make entertainment accessible to everyone, everywhere. We endeavor to help create profits that will commission young artists to fund their own work from movies, reality shows and music that OBZ promotes and showcases to the world via our site.

“What I love about entertainment is it creates memories, it takes life to different dimensions, it brings the best out of people.”

Entertainment can make people discover themselves and what they capable of. After all, entertainment is an idea of what life could be, so the possibilities are endless. Obakeng N. realized he’s passion for entertainment in the 90s. After matriculating, he went on and did his AS Communications & Media Arts with the division of New York State University.

 “My qualification somehow helped me to realize that there’s more that has not been done enough. There’s more that could be taken far and we can show that to the world while representing our nation and culture”

OBZtainment is pursuing this industry due to the revelation of how much we owe to ourselves. We believe we have so much we have to share with the world and being fair to promote everyones work fairly. With this revelation, we know we can empower ourselves through entertainment, whether to educate or spread social issues through entertainment.

“What makes me think people will follow my brand is the potential content we have and the driving force we have behind it here at OBZtainment.”

We think people have seen the same things, same people over and over again in other media platforms and pages. There’s so much new content out there and we want to shed some light on it.

“I want to take this brand as far as everyones lips.”

We want the world to see Africa for how beautiful she really is to a point where she’s going to be valued and recognized worldwide.

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